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Luftballons Kids A - Bundle

Α1 From 10 years old
The bundle “Luftballons Kids A” consists of Lehr- und Arbeitsbuch (student´s book and workbook), Übungsbuch (exercise book), Wörterheft (glossary) and Lernzielkontrollen (tests). You can download the audio files for free and access the free Interactive-Version online using the links below.
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The teaching material “Luftballons Kids” leads students in two volumes to the language level A1. It´s target audience are Greek-speaking students, as it includes Greek translations of the instructions and some tasks and explanations in Greek. Luftballons Kids A suits learners from 10 years onwards without any previous knowledge and includes the following topics: introducing yourself, saying hello and saying goodbye, the alphabet, numbers and colours, countries and cities, “how are you?”, describing your family, food and drinks for breakfast, school supplies, days of the week, months and seasons.

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