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Payment information

Cash on delivery (only for shipments within Greece)

Upon delivery of your package by courier company.
Orders with cash on delivery are subject to an additional charge "Cash on delivery fee" 2€.

Bank deposit

By prepayment, through a deposit to one of our bank accounts by indicating in the "reason" of the bank payment order either your full name or the order code (which has been sent to you by e-mail during the completion of your online order).

Our bank accounts are as follows:

NATIONAL BANK 205/470989-60
IBAN GR52 0110 2050 0000 2054 7098 960

EUROBANK 00260276210200912167
IBAN GR5602602760000210200912167

ALPHA BANK 775002002009760
IBAN GR7101407750775002002009760


PIRAEUS 57 5410 7218 613
GR86 0172 7540 0057 5410 7218 613


a) with a prepaid card linked to your PAYPAL account.
b) by bank transfer to your PAYPAL account.
c) by linking your debit card to your PAYPAL account.
d) by linking your credit card to PAYPAL.
If you choose to pay via PAYPAL, you will be charged the fee for using the PAYPAL system.