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Since 1989, STEINADLER VERLAG Publishing House has published textbooks and grammar series for schools teaching German as a Foreign Language for children starting from 4 years of age up to the B1 language level. STEINADLER holds a big market share in Greece in public schools as well as in private schools and is one of the leading publishing houses for German as a Foreign Language. Recently, STEINADLER has established its presence in other countries such as Egypt, Turkey, Bulgaria, Spain, Malaysia, etc.

Our Philosophy

Those who learn with personal interest and motivation, tend to learn easier. Easier learning usually results in better overall language proficiency

All our educational material place a lot of emphasis on the fun of learning German. A playful experience motivates learning and makes children delight in German, improves their feel of the language, and stimulates their senses. As a result, a stress-free approach is enabled. Our educational media are adjusted to the psychological level of the development of the children. Every age is accompanied by certain methods that are implemented in the books.

The topics are inspired by the children's experiences of everyday life, encourage the development of their personality, promote a critical way of thinking, foster the sense of community and activate a positive attitude towards life. As there is no second chance for the formation of first impressions, most of the units start with a song that suits the unit's topic.

Music is highly motivating, is the perfect medium for the introduction of topics, and appeals to the emotional self of the students and therefore allows a long-ranging embedding of knowledge. Furthermore, music helps to overcome the fear towards something new, and the lyrics of the songs help to foster oral fluency and boost correct pronunciation.